BoxBell 3-In-1

Dumbbell │Kettlebell │Parallette Bars



Switch the handle to the central position for dumbbells

Parallette Bars

Seamlessly convert into parallettes for calisthenics

Adjustable 8kg to 20kg

Dumbbell │Kettlebell │Parallette Bars

Hybrid Kettlebell

Perfect for kettlebell exercises

True Utility

Versatile Fitness Training in One Compact Box


Versatile Fitness Training

BoxBell was born out of the desire to develop a single piece of gym equipment that has true utility for home workouts. Everything you need in one compact box. Dumbbell, Kettlebell and Parallettes all-in-one. Each BoxBell is easily adjusted (2kg plates) between 8kg to 20kg.

Fast Track Your Fitness

Uniquely the handle position can be changed seamlessly from a central (dumbbell) to an upper position (one-handed kettlebell / parallette). Patent applications: PCT/GB2021/0523 and GB2014192.5. Registered designs in place.

Product Features

BoxBell Pair 40kg adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells
  • Adjustable Weight

    Each BoxBell is easily adjusted from 8kg to 20kg by inserting or removing individual 2kg weight plates.

  • Two Handles

    With two handles, BoxBell has true utility. The comfortable knurled handle can be switched (a simple twist and click) from an upper to central position depending on the intended work out.

  • Compact for Storage

    In comparison to other adjustable dumbbells BoxBell is significantly smaller. It is only 18cm wide x 18cm tall and only 28cm long.

  • Robust

    With a durable plastic housing, BoxBell will not damage easily. Internal metal work has been coated with eCoat for superior corrosion resistance. Please note: eCoat may mark-up over time.

  • Adjustable System

    8kg to 20kg. Remove and replace 2kg weight plates as needed.

    Weight options possible: 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg and 20kg per BoxBell.

  • Handle Position

    Locate handle centrally for dumbbell workouts.

    With the handle in the upper position BoxBell is perfect for double handed squats, one-handed kettlebell moves and parallette exercises.

  • True Utility

    Versatile fitness training in one compact box. BoxBell is the perfect home weights system - whether you wish to use them for cardiovascular (circuits) or heavy lifting work outs.


4/5 Review

" Ultra space-saving design /  Can
be used for bodyweight exercises

Good value for money / Sturdy metal construction”

"Love them.. when I have a short window between jobs at work I open up a YouTube workout, grab my Boxbells and smash a routine out. Absolutely perfect."

"100% would recommend to other people, whether a novice or experienced. "