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With the handle locked into the upper position - BoxBell becomes A-symmetric in its weight distribution - allowing one-handed Kettlebell exercises.  Each BoxBell can be adjusted from 8kg to 20kg in 2kg increments.

BoxBell Adjustable Kettlebell

Due to how compact each 20kg BoxBell is - it can be swung between your legs - like a standard kettlebell.  There is a second handle that allows the flexibility and option to swap hands at the top of each kettlebell swing.  

Using BoxBell as a hybrid kettlebell allows you to work on your explosive power  - increasing acceleration and decreasing deceleration with each swing or movement.  These explosive movements are great for the core and general fitness. 

Here are just some BoxBell kettlebell exercise:

Kettlebell Swings Turkish Get Up
Front Squat & Press Suitcase Carry

Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Windmill 

Bottom Up Press

Russian Twists
Russian Twists
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