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By simply 'switching and clicking' BoxBell's removable handle into the upper position BoxBell can be used as a solid pair of Parallette Bars.

Kid using Parallette Bars
Parallettes or Parallel Bars are a fantastic piece of equipment for body weight / calisthenics training.  In the above picture you can see a 'keen as mustard' youngster doing the challenging L-Sit.  Note to reader: He is definitely not sitting on a pile of books.. Wink wink.. 
Handstand on parallel bars

Calisthenics has become more and more popular in recent years.  Stabilising and lifting your own bodyweight is extremely challenging, with clear benefits in increasing your strength and flexibility.  There is a huge array of parallel bar exercises, here are just a few:  

L-Sit  Tucks
Planche Parallete Wall Stand
Parallette Push Ups Parallette Hand Stand
Parallette Dips V-Sits

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